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    Shipping luggage from Canada

    We transport personal belongings and general cargo from Canada to any destination in the world. Ship your trunks, luggage, parcels to Brisbane, Dubai, Nice, London, Sydney, Jeddah, Hamburg, Tel aviv, Stuttgart, Hong Kong. Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver to, Rome, Perth, Brussels, Oslo, Geneva, Zurich, Peru, Geneva, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile, Budapest, South Africa, Berlin, Brussels, Rome, Gatwick, Spain, Italy. Car Transportation from Montreal, Toronto, Calgary. Transportation of heavy machinery, buses, small cars in Canada or elsewhere in the world. FOR FREE QUOTE CLICK HERE

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    Baggage shipping from Canada,from Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calagary

    Ship your parcels from Montreal- Nantes, Luggage transport Toronto- Marseille-Transport of excess baggage Canada France. Transport luggage small price for Qatar, ship cheaper by boat or plane to India, to Luxembourg, to Netherlands. Baggage shipping to Saudi, to New Zealand, to Singapore, to UAE.Luggage shipping to Norway, to Malaysia, Hong Kong, to China, Shanghai.Shipping to Montreal, Transport skid Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Local Delivery Service, Luggage Transport Montreal, Package Transport, Luggage in Toronto. Express luggage transport service, Express delivery service for parcels, furniture, international movers Montreal. International moving, partial or complete, half-container. Transport personal France-Québec, Ship personal effects Montreal – Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon.

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    is a company specializing in international transport and offering a wide range of services. Based in Canada, we have a network of agents around the world that ensures contacts in all the cities of the globe and allows us to maintain the quality of the service at destination.

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    Why E-CARGO INC.?

    A competent international freight forwarder involves a full commitment and knowledge of the details and procedures to be followed in order to be able to offer a guaranteed quote. Whether it’s for general merchandise, works of art, dishes, old furniture or personal belongings, we take full responsibility for our services and their quality.

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    offers a range of services ranging from logistics, customs and international trade services to the global merchandise movement at our headquarters in Montreal or anywhere in the world to any destination in the world.

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    Air Service:

    Through our airline partnerships, our customers always benefit from a very favorable rate for transporting your goods or personal effects to any destination on the globe. We put our know-how at your service. The maritime service: 90% of our customers to Europe choose this relatively inexpensive service, the crossing time being reduced to the strict minimum of 17 days to most destinations in Europ; more and more customers prefer This mode of transport for a budget issue.

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    Vehicle transport:

    Vehicle transport has increasingly become a solicited service in recent years. Our specialists in this field will give you full satisfaction to any destination of the globe.

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    International mail:

    We offer very enticing rates at national, and international, we are able to deliver in Europe in 24H, ask for a quotation in this sense. The long distance move: Whether it’s a few pieces of furniture or a complete move to overseas, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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    Consultancy in logistics and international trade:

    We can help you and support you in your projects for import and export. Globalization is not a matter of amateurs, you must entrust the development of your company to new markets to professionals. Postal Service followed by Mail for Expatriates and Foreigners: We provide you with a mailing address in Canada to receive your mails that we will send to your address anywhere in the world.

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    Commercial Goods shipping.

    From personal or commercial services E-CARGO INC can save thousand of dollars.