E - C A R G O

What we do


Air service

Thanks to our partnerships in the field of air transport, our customers always benefit from a very advantageous rate for the transport of your goods or personal effects to any destination in the world. We put our know-how at your service.

The maritime service

90% of our customers to Europe choose this relatively inexpensive service, with crossing time reduced to a bare minimum of 17 days to most destinations in Europe, more and more customers prefer this mode of transport for a budget issue.

Vehicle transport

Vehicle transport has become an increasingly popular service in recent years. Our specialists in this field will give you complete satisfaction to any destination in the world.

International mail

We offer very attractive rates for national mail, and international, we are able to deliver in Europe in 24 hours, ask for a quote in this direction.

Long-distance moving

Whether it's a few pieces of furniture or a complete move overseas, don't hesitate to contact us, our experts will be happy to help you.

Consulting in logistics and international trade

We can help and support you in your import and export projects. Globalization is not a business of amateurs, you have to entrust the development of your business to new markets to professionals.

Postal service followed by Courier for Expats and Foreigners:

We provide you with a postal address in Canada to receive your mail that we will send to your address anywhere in the world.